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"I began shaking and moving about wildly..."
- B. P.

Bernie Pershey

Begininngs: One 8-year-old little Bernie Pershey of Joliet, Illinois was dutifully doing his chores, cleaning the living room when God switched on the radio. Dad's black radio; and "Locomotion" by Little Eva commanded a nascent rhythmic savageness into the streaming light; and the light and fury were good. The unsuspecting, shook-up child began shaking and moving about wildly; furiously beating his hands in the pocket of the groove on the well-worn couch; entering a trance from which he would emerge enlightened, just after the last backbeat faded.

The boy near choked with dust and feathers, yet redeemed by brilliant illumination, was free and never looked back: baptism by backbeat. Faith emboldened, young Bernie started playing the drums... thanks be to God.

Bernie is presently honoring that early call by performing with blues phenom Eric Sardinas and his band Eric Sardinas and Big Motor. This three piece power blues outfit, with Eric Sardinas on guitar, Levell Price on bass, and Bernie on drums has been touring the wide world in support of the band's latest eponymously titled CD “Eric Sardinas and Big Motor.”

Mr. Pershey has also been shining with the Mustang Brothers, a top flight rockin' R-n-B outfit with Dean Restum and Bobby Gianetti, partners from Bernie's touring days with Eric Burdon and the Animals, Edgar Winter, and Dwight Twilley. The Brothers have released two CDs: “I Know The Game," and “Branded,” on Street King Records. B.P. has performed recently with The Kings of Classic Rock, and has just finished up the drumming on a CD for Chainsaw Diaries, featuring singer-songwriter John Cheney of Chicagoland.

Bernie Pershey's rich and varied experience includes years of work with Eric Burdon and the Animals, Edgar Winter, Beth Hart, Walter Trout, Olivia Newton-John, Dwight Twilley, Greg Kihn, and Chuck Berry. His drumming is featured on the Edgar Winter classic “Frankenstein” found in the Tina Turner bopic "What's Love Got To Do With It." He has recorded 9 CDs with blues monster Walter Trout, two live CDs with Eric Burdon and the Animals, played on Beth Hart’s international release “Leave The Light On,” in addition to sharing his unique talents on many television and live radio broadcasts.

Bernie is also producing music for the Chicago Producers Circle, and partnering with Dean Restum at Mustang Brothers Productions, as well as recording drum tracks and client demos at his own spot, Bad Jack Studios."

A welcome mix of natural ability, a disarming charismatic persona, technical expertise, and devotion to drumming in any form, make this converted Joliet native a rare find, and potent ambassador for the love of music.


Blues Generation 1967
Trilogy 1968
White Lightning 1970
Johnson-Drake 1972
Goldstreet 1974
Olivia Newton John 1975
This Oneness 1975
Pat Vidas Flight 1976
Brainiac 1978
Chuck Berry 1979
Madame X 1981
Jack Lee, Michael Thompson, Andy Frazier 1982
Dwight Twilley 1983-1988
Jennifer Batten 1986
Edgar Winter 1988-1990
Walter Trout 1992-2000 Eric Sardinas 1994
Beth Hart 2002-2005
Eric Burdon and the Animals 2001-2005
Mustang Brothers 2005-current
Kings of Classic Rock 2006-current
Chicago Producers Circle 2007-current
Eric Sardinas And Big Motor 2008-current